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Relax & Glow - stress & anxiety food supplement

Hawthorn - basil - bacopa

30ml (30 uses)
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Stress modifies the organism’s immunity system as well as the skin: it gets more fragile, renews itself less efficiently, notably due to a slower production of collagen.

First wrinkles start to appear more precociously. Associated with a balanced food hygiene that will allow the body to be more stress resistant, our Relax & Glow (30ml) food supplement contributes to fighting stress consequences thanks to hawthorn, basil and bacopa. With its delicious menthol flavor, you can take it directly under your tongue whenever you feel the need to relax!

Plus d'information +

- Hawthorn is traditionally used for its relaxing effect and helps to reduce nervousness.

- Basil has a wellness and soothing effect on the body. 

- Bacopa improves the body's resistance to stress and helps to better cope with stressful situations.

How to use +

Shake before using. Take 2 pipettes daily (1 ml) which may be diluted in a glass of water (150 ml).

Not recommended for children. Not recommended for long-term use. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Food supplements cannot be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of the sight and reach of children. Store in a dry and cool place, away from light.

Composition +

Ingrédients (pour 1 ml = 2 pipettes) : Extrait de sommité fleurie d'aubépine (Crataegus laevigata) (500 mg), extrait de feuille de basilic (Ocimum basilicum) (300 mg), extrait de partie aérienne de bacopa (Bacopa monnieri) (100 mg), humectant : glycérol, arôme naturel de menthe, conservateurs : sorbate de potassium, benzoate de sodium.


From what age can it be used? Relax & Glow can be taken from the age of 12.

How often should I take the product? Occasionally when you feel the need ! 

Can it be taken in parallel with Sleep & Glow? Yes, Relax & Glow can be taken simultaneously with Sleep & Glow and our other supplements.

Does the formula help to sleep? Relax & Glow helps to relax. For sleep, we recommend Sleep & Glow, our melatonin-based supplement, which helps you to fall asleep. 

Is it compatible with breastfeeding? Pregnancy? Relax & Glow can be taken during pregnancy/breastfeeding. However, as for all our formulas, we invite you to take the advice of your doctor.


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rating 3.5 5 0.5

J'aime beaucoup le goût, je ne sais pas encore dire si c'est vraiment efficace, mais je le prends parfois comme un soutien, refuge, une aide pour lutter contre le stress au quotidien.


Merci Cécile pour votre retour :) Quel plaisir de savoir que Relax & Glow vous accompagne au quotidien.

rating 5 5 0.5

J'étais sceptique quand je l'ai acheté... Mais je crois que ça fonctionne vraiment sur moi. Cela m'aide beaucoup. Merci


Chère Sophie, nous sommes heureux que vous profitiez des bienfaits de notre complément Relax & Glow ✨