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Hydration Sticks

Hydrate, support proper muscle function

15 sticks
FAQ AimeFit

Rich in electrolytes such as calcium, sodium, p­otassium and magnesium, AimeFit Hydrations Sticks support internal hydration and proper metabolic functioning. Coconut water assists in mineral absorption and recovery, while hyaluronic acid helps to balance tissue hydration.  

Ideal for: exercise recovery, dehydration, cramps, headaches, jet lag

No added sugar
Lime flavor

Usage tips

The expert's opinion

"You can consume electrolytes as soon as you wake up - if you’re feeling thirsty or notice the beginnings of a headache. It’s an excellent energy boost throughout the day, especially if you notice a lapse in concentration or feel like you’re not at optimal levels, as it’s a great fatigue reducer. Perfect for after exercise or any rise in bodily temperature where you lose a lot of water."

Claire Borwin, dietitian-nutritionist


Add 1 stick to 50 cl (17oz.) of water and shake before drinking. A fresh lime flavor makes for a refreshing beverage before, during or after a workout as well as any moment throughout the day.

Store away from light, air, heat and humidity


Hyaluronic acid Supports tissue hydration
Potassium and calcium Contribute to proper muscle functioning recovery
Coconut water Assists in mineral absorption and smooth recovery
Magnesium Helps reduce fatigue

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Ingredients (per 1 dose of 4 g): Coconut water powder (Cocos nucifera L. of which 15,7 mg Potassium - 0,8% RI*), Potassium citrate (of which 400 mg Potassium - 20% RI*), Magnesium citrate (of which 93,75 mg Magnesium - 25% RI*), Calcium carbonate (of which 120 mg Calcium - 15% RI*), Sodium chloride (of which 100 mg Sodium), Natural lime flavouring, Sodium hyaluronate (of which 30 mg Hyaluronic acid).

*RI: Reference Intake.


Electrolytes are minerals (calcium, sodium, potassium and magnesium)

that play an essential role in maintaining internal hydration levels and support metabolic functioning. Hydration Sticks are perfect for replenishing the body after exercise, in times of dehydration, the onset of headaches or moments of water retention.

Hydration sticks may be consumed throughout the day, before, during or after a workout. Also ideal for headaches or dehydration.

Dilute one stick in a bottle of fresh water.

AimeFit hydration sticks may be taken during pregnancy and breastfeeding, but as with all AIME formulas, we encourage you to speak to your health care professional for any specific questions.