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French Glow

Food supplement for redness and sensitivity
rating 130  reviews
A partir de 25,00 €
"I’ve been taking French Glow for 6 months and I don’t think I could go without this skin favorite! A HYDRATED and super healthy skin " ISABELLE

Pure Glow

Food supplement for acne and blemishes
rating 173  reviews
A partir de 25,00 €
"Since I’ve been taking Pure Glow, I almost have no pimple anymore, my skin is soft and smooth, a real pleasure " stephanie

Hair & Scalp Boost

Food supplement for hair
rating 96  reviews
A partir de 25,00 €
"The food supplement that helped me regain strength, density and lenght and above all an appeased, less irritated hair scalp, I adore it " maeva

Balance & Glow

Hormone-related acne balance food supplement
rating 45  reviews
A partir de 25,00 €
"I am astonished, in a few days my skin has become smooth again, no more pimples! I am thrilled with this product! " veronique
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Mathilde Lacombe
co-founder of Aime

"I am my first customer. AIME was born because I wanted to offer an alternative that would make sense and work (!) to the people who, like myself, suffer from skin concerns. I have rosacea and for years I have tried everything. French Glow is THE formula which I can’t go without and I am not the only one because it has become one of our best-selling products! "