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Why Aime ?

Born out of a new perspective on beauty, AIME redefines what it means to care for oneself.
With holistic products that celebrate your unique individuality, AIME believes that beauty begins beneath the surface; that small rituals become routine wherein we discover our most beautiful selves.
Self love that radiates from the inside, out - the most beautiful, glowing and healthy you.

It's not about being the most beautiful, it's about being the most healthy you.

Our history

After a chance meeting during an internship in their early twenties, Mathilde Lacombe and François Morrier reconnected years later in 2011, to create Joliebox, the first French beauty subscription box of its kind. In 2018, they collaborated once more in the shared hope of creating a beauty brand more personally aligned around sensible, approachable self-care, and AIME born - the first French beauty brand creating a synergistic blend between nutrition, supplementation and cosmetic skincare.

Mathilde Lacombe,

At the heart of AIME is shared experience, most notably the skin-care journey of co-founder Mathilde: “I battled skin-issues for years, utilising various products that only treated my symptoms, (breakouts, fine lines, redness) but never the root-cause. My beauty routine shifted immensely when I discovered how our outer glow is intrinsically connected to our internal health. I dove deep into the powerful world of our microbiome, and sharing this new-found passion was essential as we began creating AIME.”

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Our values


To like, to love, to adore - to AIME yourself from the inside out. At AIME we celebrate that perfect, filtered or flawless skin does not exist. Our skin reflects each moment, journey or stage of life: it is ever-evolving, sharing a transformation of who we are, into who we are becoming. We maintain that nurturing our inner beauty creates our own unique outer glow, and that the most beautiful skin is living skin: the most cared for, ‘aime’d’ version of you.

Clean, Simple, Efficient

Upholding a commitment to simple, clean and effective routines, our formulas are developed with probiotics, minerals and natural ingredients, catering to healthy self-care and supplementation, without the need for excess.

Responsibly made in france

From Normandy to Brittany to Provence, we manufacture all AIME products and formulas in France, and are deeply committed to efficiency and sustainability. We will openly and honestly reformulate any product if we believe newer ingredients are better for you and for our planet.




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