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Why Aime ?

Above all, AIME is a new way to think about beauty.
Skincare is no longer something that is added and transforms superficially, it is what completes and accompanies a global philosophy of life, centered on the individual from the inside.
Beauty becomes a ritual, it constructs itself step by step, for long-term results. At AIME, we are convinced that taking care of one’s skin is before anything else taking care of one’s self. To love oneself.

It’s not about being the most beautiful, it’s about being the most healthy you.

Our story

It’s during the course of an internship, in their early 20s, that Mathilde Lacombe and François Morrier met. Mathilde then began a career in feminine press and François specialized in design. A few years later, in 2011, they found their way back to each other to co-create Joliebox, the first French beauty box. The desire to reiterate the experience is back in 2018: having then skimmed the beauty world with the impression of being able to bring a more personal and reasoned approach, more in line with their lives and wants. This is how AIME was born, the first brand to combine nutricosmetic and skincare.

Mathilde Lacombe,

At the very origin of AIME is Mathilde’s personal path. “I have had skin concerns for years, I ruined myself in all kinds of products and treatments which try to treat the effect (pimples, wrinkles, blemishes, etc.) more than the root of the problem. My beauty routine has considerably changed when I took into consideration the fact that the external aspect of our body is inherently linked to our inside health. This is when I discovered the wonderful world of the microbiota and AIME has become an evidence”.

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Our values

Aime Yourself

To us, the perfect, filtered, flawless skin does not exist. Beauty starts from within and our skin reflects the different stages of our lives, its endless evolution is therefore entirely normal. We consider beauty as the idea of a process towards a skin that is true, alive, a skin that accepts itself to reveal its best self.

Clean, simple, efficient

We stand for a simple, clean and efficient routine. Our formulas are elaborated from probiotics, minerals and natural ingredients to bring the best of a healthy beauty, without excess.

Made in France & Responsible

From Brittany, Provence, to Normandy, we make everything in France. We are convinced that efficiency and pleasure can be sustainable and responsible. We do not hesitate to reformulate a product if we consider that new ingredients are better for you and for the planet.