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Redness and sensitivity supplement, French Glow

Sensitive skin - dry skin - rosacea - eczema - psoriasis
rating 163  reviews
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Supplement made with probiotics, zinc and turmeric. Its anti-inflammatory and healing action makes it the perfect natural formula to fight acne and blemishes!

Acne supplement, Pure Glow

Diminish imperfections and purify the skin
rating 203  reviews
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Supplement based on probiotics and essential fatty acids. Thanks to its nourishing action, the skin is plumped up, small redness fades and the complexion brightens. Your moisturizing cream from the inside!

Hair supplement, Hair & Scalp Boost

Strengthens the scalp - stimulates hair growth
rating 120  reviews
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Supplement based on probiotics, biotin, folic acid and rice protein. Ensures the balance of the scalp and promotes hair growth. The ideal formula for healthy hair!

Hormonal supplement, Balance & Glow

Reduces imperfections - purifies the skin
rating 68  reviews
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Supplement based on probiotics and a patented complex combining plants, adaptogens and antioxidants. The perfect formula to alleviate skin reactions related to hormonal fluctuations

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