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Duo The Simple Oil

New: Refillable glass packaging ! Accompanied by its refill, perfect for never running out of it.

Made from 8 virgin oils (sea buckthorn, camellia, apricot, jojoba, almond, safflower, coconut and tamanu), The Simple Oil provides an optimal cleansing ritual for radiant skin. It dissolves oil, make-up and impurities while actively helping to nourish and renew the skin, leaving it hydrated, soft and clean. To reinforce the cutaneous barrier function of the most sensitive skins and limit dehydration, The Simple Oil is enriched with omegas and prebiotics. What's more, The Simple Oil is unique: it does not contain emulsifying agents, which makes it a versatile product for various uses ( as a face, body, and hair moisturiser).

This duo contains :

  • The Simple Oil (100ml)
  • The Simple Oil Refill (100ml)
Plus d'information +
  • Its delicious smell calms the mind and senses 
  • Its 100% organic cotton cloth gently exfoliates the skin for a luminous complexion and a refined skin texture
  • Suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive and prone to imperfections
  • The Simple Oil can also be applied on the body, on damp skin after the shower for a unique sensorial experience
  • Peau sèche : ajoutez une noisette de The Simple Oil à votre crème hydratante The Simple Cream 
  • Dry skin: add a drop of The Simple Oil to your The Simple Cream
Ingrédients +

CARTHAMUS TINCTORIUS SEED OILSafflower seed oil rich in linoleic acid,

PRUNUS ARMENIACA KERNEL OILApricot kernel oil rich in omega 9, vitamin E and A,

PRUNUS AMYGDALUS DULCIS OILSweet almond oil rich in oleic acid,

COCOS NUCIFERA OILCoconut oil rich in lauric acid and myristic acid,

SIMMONDSIA CHINENSIS SEED OILJojoba wax for a naturally dry finish,

HIPPOPHAE RHAMNOIDES FRUIT OILSea buckthorn berry oil rich in vitamin E, carotenoids, omega-3 and omega-6, and phytosterols,

BACILLUS FERMENTFerment allowing the maintenance of the cutaneous balance,

LAVANDULA ANGUSTIFOLIA OILEssential oil of lavender,

CYMBOPOGON MARTINI OILEssential oil of palmarosa,

CALOPHYLLUM INOPHYLLUM SEED OILTamanu seed oil rich in polyphenol,

TOCOPHEROLNatural vitamin E, antioxidant,

SQUALENEEmollient of vegetable origin, from non-GMO soy,

BETA-SITOSTEROLAntioxidant of natural origin,

CAMELLIA OLEIFERA SEED OILCamellia seed oil rich in oleic acid,

AVENA SATIVA KERNEL OILOat kernel oil rich in vitamin E and stearic acid,

COUMARINAllergens naturally present in EO,

CITRALAllergens naturally present in EO,

CITRONELLOLAllergens naturally present in EO,

FARNESOLAllergens naturally present in EO,

GERANIOLAllergens naturally present in EO,

LIMONENEAllergens naturally present in EO,

LINALOOLAllergens naturally present in EO

How to use +

Pour 2 to 3 pumps into the palm of your hands, and inhale deeply. Massage onto dry skin using gentle strokes to release tension and remove all impurities. Rinse with our Muslin Cloth. Finish by putting 1 pump of oil onto the corner of the cloth, massaging the face to slightly exfoliate and complete the cleansing. Repeat as often as needed until the skin is clean. Finish with a splash of cool water.

Caution:  Keep away from heat and light. Do not swallow.

100% natural origin ingredients. Unscented. Dermatologically tested.

Composition +

This list of ingredients is subject to change, please consult the packaging of the product purchased.


Is The Simple Oil efficient on waterproof makeup? Yes. The Simple Oil dissolves all makeup (including waterproof) while actively nourishing and renewing the skin, leaving it hydrated, soft and purified. It can be used with our cloth (100% organic cotton) to optimise its efficiency.  

Can The Simple Oil be used on the eye area?  Yes! You can use The Simple Oil to remove eye makeup. We recommend to rinse well with a damp cotton cloth. 

Do I have to rinse my face after using The Simple Oil? It all depends on the way you choose to use The Simple Oil; If you use it as a makeup remover / cleanser, it needs to be rinsed with a damp cotton cloth. If you wish to use The Simple Oil as a face or body moisturiser (on damp skin after the shower for example), there is no need to rinse it. 

Can I use The Simple Oil and The Simple Cleanser at the same time? For an efficient double cleansing (or if you have very oily skin with imperfections), you can use The Simple Oil to dissolve impurities, solar filters, etc. then complete the cleansing process with The Simple Cleanser for an ultra clean skin. 


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