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La Petite Brosse N.04 Aime x La Bonne Brosse

Strengthens the scalp, stimulates growth , detangles


Entirely made in France with noble and durable materials, La Petite Brosse N.04 La Miracle from La Bonne Brosse, in an exclusive AIME beige, is a care object to keep for a lifetime. It gently detangles all types of hair. Its soft, massaging fibers are designed to stimulate the many blood vessels in the scalp to nourish the bulb with nutrients, right from the roots, for vibrant, healthy hair. In travel size, it goes everywhere with you!

Usage tips

For efficient, relaxing brushing, begin at the ends of your hair and work up the lengths towards the roots. Work front to back, upside down and on the sides of your head, gently massaging the scalp in all directions.

How to care for my brush?

Remove hair by hand after each brushing and use a wide-toothed comb between the fibers in both directions to remove any remaining strands.

Once a week, use a damp cloth between the fibers to clean any dust from the rubber cushions.

Do not submerge the brush in hot water, as it may weaken the fibers.