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Double Cleansing duo refill

This purifying double cleansing duo gently removes makeup, ridding pores of all impurities. The skin is left clean, balanced and luminous.

The Simple Oil (100 ML):  with its blend of 8 virgin oils (sea buckthorn, camellia, apricot, jojoba, almond, safflower, coconut and tamanu) and prebiotics, it acts as a first step in the double cleansing process. Its oily texture is perfect to remove all skin impurities (sweat, makeup, solar filters, pollution).

The Simple Cleanser (100 ML): enriched with salicylic acid, this non-foaming gel cleanser is ideal to clean and purify the skin without harming nor drying it. This formula, enriched with prebiotics and probiotics, balances the cutaneous flora for a healthy and glowing skin. 

NEW : also available in a refillable format, perfect to never run out of your favourite products !

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The Simple Oil (100 ML): 100% natural origin ingredients. Unscented. Dermatologically tested.

The Simple Cleanser (100 ML): Unscented. Dermatologically tested.


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