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Duo Body Brush and Tongue Cleaner

Proceed to a whole body detox with the body brush and tongue scraper duo! Two beauty rituals to do regularly for a balanced cutaneous and oral flora. The result: the skin is free from its toxins and dead cells, the buccal microbiota from its bad bacterias, the body is glowing with health, from inside & out.

Plus d'information +

Dry brushing is the perfect gesture to exfoliate and tonify the body. It favors cell renewal and,performed regularly, it enhances skin texture. The brush allows to boost blood and lymphatic circulation with a deep cleansing: the skin breathes and the immune system is reinforced.

The tongue scraper is a curious yet useful tool which allows the elimination of bad bacterias and thus helps to avoid bad breath. A gentle tongue cleansing therefore allows to reestablish a good oral hygiene and participates in the natural detoxification process of the body. 

How to use +

Brush & Glow Body Brush: Our skin is the largest elimination organ of our body (it evacuates around half a kilo (about 1 ounce) of toxins per day). It also helps the other primary elimination organs such as the liver and kidneys to evacuate toxins if they are having a harder time doing so. Dry brushing unclogs pores and allows a better elimination process while activating blood circulation and the lymphatic system. Bonus: The immune system is boosted !

Tongue cleaner: A tongue cleaner is used in the morning, before eating or drinking, to remove bacteria that have accumulated on your tongue overnight. 

  • Hold one end of the tongue scraper between each hand and place the rounded part on the back of your tongue.
  • Scrape your tongue from back to front while applying gentle pressure. Finish in the middle, then several times on each side.
  • Observe the yellowish mucus removed from the surface of your tongue each morning. 
  • Simply rinse with water after use.
Composition +

Brush & Glow Body Brush: Wood
50% natural boar hair and 50% nylon

Tongue cleaner: 100% copper


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