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Body Brush and tongue scraper duo

Detoxifies the body

FAQ Detoxifying

A daily detox practice to support both inner and outer glow.

Stemming from Ayurvedic practices, dry brushing stimulates lymphatic drainage and boosts circulation, while encouraging the evacuation of stagnant toxins and removal of dead skin cells. Also rooted in ancient detox practices, tongue scraping removes built-up toxins that accumulate as we sleep, clearing bacteria and supporting oral and digestive health.

Tongue Scraper:100% copper

Brush & Glow: Wood - 50% natural boar bristle and 50% nylon

Oral flora
Circulatory well-being
Lymphatic system

Usage tips

Body Brushing is an excellent daily self-care practice, invigorating the body and detoxing the skin.  

Brush & Glow

Directions: Working from the ‘outside-in’, use the Brush & Glow Body Brush beginning at your ankles to create light, circular strokes, working toward the heart and paying attention to hinges of the body such as behind knees, hips, inside elbows and under arms. Brush downward upon reaching the torso, taking care to focus on any areas of concern, like cellulite or stagnant tissue.

Maintenance: To clean the brush, rub it gently with your hand or with a towel. (Do not immerse in water as it may damage the wood.)

Tongue scraper

Directions: Used morning or night, before eating or drinking, the tongue scraper works to remove accumulated bacteria and toxins. 

Holding the bottom end of the scraper, place the rounded end at the back of the tongue. With light pressure, scrape from back to front, paying attention to each side of the surface of your tongue.

Maintenance: Rinse and towel dry after each use. To restore shine to the scraper, you may clean with salt, white vinegar and a cloth before rinsing under warm water.


Tongue Scraping assists in the elimination of bad bacteria while improving oral flora and hygiene. It has been historically noted to increase sensitivity of taste and support saliva production and digestion.

Given that the Tongue Scraper is made entirely of copper, oxidation is possible and natural, and neither dirty nor cause for concern. If you would like to restore shine and brilliance to your tongue scraper, clean with a mix of salt and white vinegar on a damp cloth, and rinse under warm water.

Yes! As bad breath is often caused by the accumulation of bacteria, scraping your tongue assists in keeping your breath clear and fresh.


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