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Duo The Simple Cleanser

100 ML

The Simple Cleanser is a gel cleanser (non-foaming in order not to harm the skin’s hydrolipidic film). It deeply purifies, frees the skins from all impurities that obstruct the pores and rebalances the skin. Thanks to its antiseptic properties, the salicylic acid prevents the growth of bacterias on the surface of the skin. It therefore allows to reduce inflammation reactions, responsible for acne for instance. The Simple Cleanser is ideal for combination to oily skin, but can suit all skin types, even the most sensitive ones. Its formula remains unchanged, only its bottle was re-designed in a brand new refillable glass packaging. It is accompanied by its 100% organic cotton wipe, for a gentle exfoliation. Accompanied by its refill, perfect for never running out of it.

This duo contains:

  • The Simple Cleanser (100ml)
  • The Simple Cleanser Refill (100ml)
Plus d'information +
  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • Can be used on the eyes, does not sting.
  • Our pre & probiotics complex participates to a balanced cutaneous flora. 
  • Can be used in duo with The Simple Oil for an efficient double cleansing.
  • Necessitates a complementary specific product for waterproof makeup.

Unscented. Dermatologically tested.

Ingrédients +

AQUA (WATER)Moisturises, serves as a support for the other ingredients.,

ROSA DAMASCENA FLOWER WATERFloral water from steam distillation of Damask roses (Rosa Damascena - fresh organic flower).,

GLYCERINOf vegetable origin (Brassica napu). Moisturising. Biomimetic molecule that the skin uses naturally in its metabolism.,

PROPANEDIOLObtained by biotechnology from corn.,

CELLULOSE GUMGelling agent, water phase. Made from cotton - wood pulp.,


SALIX ALBA (WILLOW) BARK EXTRACTWillow leaf extract naturally contains salicylic acid, a natural exfoliant that softens and smoothes the skin.,

INULINMade from chicory root.,


FRUCTOSESugar from chicory root. Moisturising.,

GLUCOSESugar from chicory root. Moisturising.,

CENTELLA ASIATICA LEAF EXTRACTAntioxidant, soothing, stimulates collagen synthesis to reduce wrinkles and fine lines.,


ANTHEMIS NOBILIS FLOWER EXTRACTMade from chamomile flowers. Soothing.,

CAPRYLYL/CAPRYL GLUCOSIDEMade from eco-friendly palm oil and glucose from wheat. Ultra-soft, non-foaming cleanser (surfactant).,

XANTHAN GUMGelling agent for aqueous phase resulting from the biofermentation of wheat and corn sugar.,

CELLULOSEGelling agent for aqueous phase. From cotton (wood pulp).,

MALTODEXTRINA complex plant sugar, it serves as a carrier for the prebiotics in the formula.,

TETRASODIUM GLUTAMATE DIACETATEChelating allows the formula to remain stable over time.,

CITRIC ACIDProduced from the fermentation of a sugar source (molasses, sugar beet or sugar cane). It regulates the pH of the formula so that it is perfectly compatible with the skin's pH. Gelling agent for aqueous phase. From cotton (wood pulp).,

SODIUM HYDROXIDERegulates the pH of the formula so that it is perfectly compatible with the skin's pH.,

SODIUM BENZOATEPreservative, authorised in organic cosmetics and food.,

CITRONELLOLAromatic molecule derived from the extract of floral water.,

GERANIOLAromatic molecule derived from the extract of rose floral water.

How to use +

Morning: Massage on damp skin and rinse thoroughly.

Evening: Remove make-up and impurities with the textured side of the AIME cleansing face cloth. Massage The Simple Cleanser on damp skin and rinse with the smooth side of cloth.

Composition +

This list of ingredients is subject to change, please consult the packaging of the product purchased.


Once The Simple Cleanser is rinsed, is it still active? Does it penetrate the skin? A cleansing product made to be rinsed does not have the purpose to act and penetrate the skin as a serum or a cream. This is why our Simple Cleanser is the least prebiotics and probiotics dosed product. 

Can I use The Simple Oil and The Simple Cleanser at the same time? For an efficient double cleansing (or if you have very oily skin with imperfections), you can use The Simple Oil to dissolve the impurities, solar filters, etc. then complete the cleansing with The Simple Cleanser for an ultra clear skin. 


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