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Duo The Simple Cream

Our must-have moisturizing treatment, reformulated for even more hydration and glow ! And a new eco-designed packaging made out of refillable glass. Accompanied by its refill, perfect for never running out of it.

The Simple Cream is THE moisturizer thought like a basic item for your beauty routine. It hydrates all skin types without exception, while bringing softness, comfort and glow. Filled with glycerin, the ultimate moisturizing ingredient, it leaves the skin hydrated for a plumped skin. Enriched with our patented complex made of probiotics, reishi, bisabolol and ceramides for a balanced cutaneous flora and a deeply nourished skin. Its clean formula, without superfluous ingredients, guarantees an optimal tolerance, even for the most sensitive skins. 

100% natural origin ingredients. Unscented. Dermatologically tested.

This duo contains:

  • The Simple Cream (50ml)
  • The Simple Cream Refill (50ml)
Plus d'information +
  • Glycerin has the ability to attract water, in order to maintain a good hydration level and limit dehydration.
  • Enriched in hemp oil, a plant well known for its regenerative, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties in order to retard the aging of the cells. 
  • Its texture lightly nourishes the skin while stimulating its natural regeneration processus. 
Ingrédients +

AQUA (WATER)Moisturises, serves as a support for the other ingredients.,

GLYCERINMoisturizer. Biomimetic molecule naturally used by the skin in its metabolism.,

SIMMONDSIA CHINENSIS SEED OILJojoba wax for a naturally dry finish,

LACTOBACILLUSLactobacilli deactivated by tyndalization and lyophilization,

PUNICA GRANATUM FRUIT FERMENT EXTRACTFermented extract of pomegranate,

GLYCERYL STEARATENatural texturizer,

PENTYLENE GLYCOLMoisturizer derived from corn,

CANNABIS SATIVA SEED OILHemp seed oil rich in omega-6 and omega-3,

LEUCONOSTOC/RADISH ROOT FERMENT FILTRATEPostbiotic fermentation from radish, helping to preserve formulas while respecting the skin microbiota,

LAUROYL LYSINENatural finish powder derived from amino acid,


BISABOLOLSoothing plant agent,




POLYMNIA SONCHIFOLIA ROOT JUICEYacon juice from Brazil, rich in β-fructooligosaccharides,

SODIUM HYALURONATENatural hyaluronic acid,


CERAMIDE NPActive ingredient to restore the skin barrier,

XANTHAN GUMBiotechnology-based gelling agent,

PULLULANGelling agent of natural origin,


BUTYLENE GLYCOLMoisturizing agent,


SODIUM COCOYL GLUTAMATEAmino acid surfactant,

CETEARYL ALCOHOLNatural texturizer,

TOCOPHEROLNatural vitamin E, antioxidant,

SQUALENEEmollient of vegetable origin, from non-GMO soy,


SCLEROTIUM GUMBiotechnology-based gelling agent,

LYSOLECITHINEmulsifier based on lecithin

How to use +

Can be used morning and night. On a clean skin and after The Simple Serum (the morning), apply a quarter-size amount of product on the face, neck and décolleté. Need for some more hydration? Add a drop of The Simple Oil to your moisturizer. 

Caution: Keep away from heat and light.

Composition +

This list of ingredients is subject to change, please consult the packaging of the product purchased.


Why has The Simple Cream’s formula changed? We listen to all your feedback with great attention and have decided to make the formula evolve to always meet the best with your expectations. With the help of the AIME LAB team, made of some of our clients, we have completely rethought The Simple Cream’s formula to create the perfect moisturizer. 

Does The Simple Cream have an anti-aging effect? At AIME, we do not like the term anti-aging, we prefer “well aging”. It represents before anything else a lifestyle and a global life hygiene (good sleep, good food, taking beauty supplements, exercising, being happy…!). Our patented complex made of prebiotics, probiotics, ceramides, reishi and bisabolol guarantees a balanced skin and a bright complexion. The Simple Cream is also enriched in hemp seed oil, a plant known for its regenerative, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, so that it slows down the cells’ aging. 

Does The Simple Cream contain an SPF? No it does not. We advise you to add an SPF as a last step of your skincare routine, after applying The Simple Serum and The Simple Cream. 

Can I use The Simple Oil and The Simple Cream at the same time? If you have dry skin, you can add a few drops of The Simple Oil to your moisturizer to boost comfort and add a nourishing side to The Simple Cream.

Is The Simple Cream mattifying? No, it is not. Also it is advised to avoid applying a mattifying cream, which can dry the skin, cause flaking and even suffocate it (therefore creating even more spots and shine!). The Simple Cream has a sebo-regulative action thanks to the jojoba, very close to the skin’s natural sebum. It penetrates fast into the skin and does not create shine. 


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