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Hair & Scalp Boost Set

Food supplement for hair

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Beautiful, healthy hair that grows long and fast is what we wish for but what we tend to forget is that to acquire this, a healthy scalp is fundamental. We imagined a beauty supplement that targets this zone.

Hidden by our hair the scalp is often neglected. It is very close to the skin’s epidermis (same hydro-lipid film, equivalent pH, ecosystem of beneficial microorganisms). Our scalp is sensitive to fatigue, hormonal fluctuations, stress, and even our diet. These factors can result in temporary hair loss or a slower growth rate. Our complex of probiotics, biotin, folic acid and rice protein promote a healthy and balanced scalp resulting in healthier hair (better growth, stronger hair follicles).

Combined with the Hair & Scalp Massage brush, it is the winning duo to promote scalp blood circulation, to strengthen the hair follicle and stimulate hair growth.

This set contains :

  • Hair & Scalp Boost
  • Hair & Scalp Massage Brush

Plus d'information +

Promote blood circulation, hair growth and follicle health

  • Biotin: strengthens hair and promotes growth.
  • Rice protein: a composition of amino acids, which are organic compounds naturally present in our skin and hair.
  • L-Methionine: amino acid present in the composition of keratin, essential protein of our hair.
  • Folic acid: promotes the regeneration of our hair and nails and stimulates the hair follicle. A good amount of vitamin B9 strengthens hair et prevents their loss.
  • Lithothamne algae extract: algae that thrives in calcium rich marine areas. It is a plant species that is rich in minerals and oligo elements with unique remineralizing properties.   
  • Amla fruit: source of vitamin C, minerals and phytonutrients which increase scalp circulation resulting in stronger hair follicles which stimulates hair growth.
  • Lactobacillus acidophilus: probiotics allow a healthy microbiome resulting in an overall balanced environment allowing better skin and digestion.   
How to use +

Hair & Scalp Boost : 

  • 2 capsules per day with a glass of water, preferably in the morning before breakfast.
  • All our supplements can be taken separately or simultaneously with no risk of overdose.
  • Supplements do not need to be refrigerated, our probiotic blend undergoes a tyndallization process that garanties their benefits and biological properties. 

30 day program. Store in a dark, dry place, at a temperature below 25°C. Keep out of reach of children. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. For adults only. Not advised for use during pregnancy. Not recommended for persons suffering from a thyroid disorder. Request the opinion of your doctor and/or pharmacist. 

Hair & Scalp Massage Brush : 

The flexible silicone bristles of our brush promote blood circulation for more vigorous hair growth and less hair loss, remove dandruff and impurities. Massage your scalp gently with the brush during shampoo. 

Composition +

Ingredients for 2 capsules: Capsule shell: hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose, thickener: gellan gum; methylsulfonylmethane (160 mg); L-methionine (150 mg); rice protein (Oryza sativa L.) (100 mg); lithothamnion thallus powder (Lithothamnion calcareum) (80 mg); dry extract of saw palmetto berries (Serenoa repens) (60 mg); dry extract of Indian gooseberry (Emblica officinalis) (60 mg); zinc bisglycinate (zinc: 6.5 mg or 65% of RI*); anti-caking agents: magnesium carbonate, magnesium salts of fatty acids; inactivated strains of Lactobacillus acidophilus (10 mg); copper bisglycinate (copper: 500 µg or 50% of RI*); D-biotin (vitamin B8: 445 µg or 890% of RI*); folic acid (vitamin B9: 195 µg or 97.5% of RI*).

*RI: Reference Intake

This list of ingredients is subject to change, please consult the packaging of the product purchased.


To whom do you recommend Hair & Scalp Boost? Hair & Scalp Boost is made for you if: 

- You wish to boost your hair growth
- You just gave birth, so to avoid postpartum hair loss
- You have fine hair which lack of volume
- You have an irritated scalp
- Your scalp is regreasing too fast 

Can this formula be used by men? Yes, except in case of permanent baldness for the hair follicle has gone or has closed itself. In this case, hair regrowth is impossible.

Does taking Hair & Scalp Boost favors pilosity? No, it does not boost pilosity for body hairs do not have the same regeneration than the hair. 

What does the hair brush do? Can I purchase it on its own? The hair brush is only available with the kit.

Soft silicone bristles help to maintain a healthy scalp by removing dead cells and impurities, while favoring blood circulation. Massage gently the scalp while shampooing. The hair brush is gifted for every first subscription. 

Can the hair brush be used while not shampooing ? Yes, the brush can be used on dry hair as a simple massage. We invite you to watch our video / tuto about hair gym on Instagram (IGTV).  

I feel nauseous when taking Hair & Scalp Boost, is it normal? If it is the case, it is possible that you are not taking the supplements at the right time. Indeed, MSM (an ingredient from the Hair & Scalp Formula) may provoke nausea for sensitive people. This is why we strongly recommend taking the supplements during a generous meal, at lunch for example!

Does it have an effect on sebum excess? MSM, which is present in the formula, is also going to help regulate sebum production. A few pieces of advice to regulate your sebum production: spacing out shampoos and avoid styling hair products that suffocate the scalp and provoke a rebound effect. 

Does it have benefits for the skin? Yes, you may feel positive effects. Especially thanks to the MSM (= source of bioavailable sulfur) which indirectly acts on acne and allows purifying and sanitizing the skin.

Does it favor nail growth? Yes, it does. Thanks to the MSM (= source of bioavailable sulfur) which strengthens the phanera regeneration (= hair and nails structure). Hair & Scalp Boost also contains biotin (vitamin B8) which is essential for skin cells, hair and nails renewal. 

I am taking other Aime supplements, can I cumulate them? All our formulas have been thought to be combined without any risk of overdose or incompatibility. 


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Un produit vraiment efficace. Je craignais de perdre mes cheveux durant de longues semaines comme l'année dernière et j'ai été surprise de ne rien avoir constaté ces dernières semaines. De plus mes cheveux sont souples et paraissent vigoureux. J'adore !


Merci Anne ! Nous sommes ravis que le kit cheveux Hair & Scalp Boost ait répondu à vos attentes :)

rating 5 5 0.5

Suite à un problème d’hyperthyroïdie, j’ai perdu beaucoup de cheveux et mon cuir chevelu était dans un état catastrophique. Je suis un traitement depuis un an mais je ne retrouvais pas mes cheveux d’avant. J’ai décidé de prendre ce kit et en 1 semaine les résultats étaient là! Mes cheveux sont plus forts, plus denses et mon cuir chevelu intact! Je suis ravie des résultats qui sont vraiment impressionnants et très rapides!


Merci Laetitia pour votre partage d'expérience :) Nous sommes ravis pour vous que le Kit Cheveux Hair & Scalp Boost vous ait aidé à retrouver vos cheveux d'avant.